There is no ‘Honour’ in an Honour Killing

What Happened – Poem


I’m sitting here tryin to figure how it all started

One moment were family, the next we’ve parted

You were the one, in my heart, I cherished

And it was your decree, the reason I perished.

What happened to your heart, what happened to your soul

Tell me how I became the ultimate goal

A liar, a liar, came knocking on your door

Telling you, your daughter was a whore

We’ve been drenched in shame the men all cried

When I thought you would be the one to scream, no he lied

Instead, I stood still, and watched you declare

That you will not be a man until you rid yourself bare

Of the filth you once called your daughter

But no, my heart whispered; he would never hurt ‘er

But no, my heart lied, so truth be told

My mind knew your heart had turned ice cold.


Can you tell me how this one moment blackened your heart?

When you promised nothing would ever tear us apart

You are the woman I love, I admire

And you look at me now, with eyes raging like fire

What happened to your heart, what happened to your soul

Tell me please, in all of this, what is your role

When I thought you would be the one to hold me tight

Screaming no no this could never be right

Instead, I stand still, and watch you proclaim

This filth has brought the entire family shame

Holding a cloth and bucket for the slaughter

Coz this slut is no longer your daughter

Mum please don’t do this I want to scream

I pinch and pinch, praying this is all a dream

But my skin only bruises and my heart breaks

How can your love have been so fake


There’s only one person left I need to see

The one who’d sincerely love to see me free

She’s smashing her fists on the floor, begging god please

Don’t let them hurt my sister, please; I’m here on my knees.

Walking up to her, I don’t care what they say

I need to hold her, and tell her, it’ll all be okay

Shedding tears, she shouts please don’t go

They’re all liars, I know I know I know

Snatched from her arms, they throw me at his feet

The hollow man who’s at the edge of his seat

I look up to see, the gun pointed at me,

You will die tonight; he says, and I will be free

I stand up, look at him and smile

Yes you are right; I’ll die in a little while

But if god were to judge between me and you

He will say there’s only one Muslim here, not two.


14 thoughts on “There is no ‘Honour’ in an Honour Killing

    • Thank you so much Noora for your kind words.
      I’m currently working on a YA novel based on an honour killing so this poem is actually written from the perspective of one of my characters. This was hard to write and emotionally draining, but I find writing short stories or poems from my characters point of view helps me get to know them better.

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  1. Another great piece, R.Fares. I can’t wait to read your novel. One piece of advice so you don’t catch yourself in a trap. Most commercial publishers do not want to publish material that has been previously published anywhere else, including the Internet blogs. So rewrite a different version, different characters, and such so that it is not the parts of the novel you intend to commercially publish. However, if it is your intention to write a novel for the Internet or your blog, then of course that advice would not apply. Good luck. I wish you well. And by the way, the best writing is full of emotion that are captured in words harvested from the heart. ~Cliff Harrison


    • Thank you Cliff, I really appreciate you sharing this advice with me. I was aware that actual parts of the novel being published online could be a problem, but does that also include side activities for character development such as this poem?

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  2. I suppose that would be up to the publisher. Who could read their mind? People do excerpts, but I think since commercial publication is a much higher reward, monetarily and professionally, I’d not risk spoiling it on the Internet. If you notice, most popular artists don’t communicate on blogs. Some do promoting, but little or no actual writing. It is difficult to say. I suppose it is a personal decision. I also suppose it depends upon who you are. For example, Jo Rowling, Stephen King, James Patterson could get away will virtually anything they wanted to. A lesser known writer could not. There are several ways to write a story I don’t publish any of my good work on the internet and only the manuscripts I culled from commercial publishing. But the theme could be the same.


    • I agree that it would not be worth spoiling on the internet. This is not an excerpt or any part of my novel so hopefully I have nothing to worry about. 🙂 Nevertheless, I’ll keep in mind for the future to keep my more serious work off the net!

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  3. The best way I explain this so people can make sense to understand it is, if something is on the internet and it is free as easy to find, what motivation is there of a commercial publisher risking sometimes millions of dollars in the same work?


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